NucAdvisor activities


"Supporting Newcomers Countries"


NucAdvisor targets its services to new entrants (countries) to the nuclear sector including clients who are implementing research centers, constructing nuclear research reactors and/or civil nuclear power plants and supporting infrastructures.

NucAdvisor can provide owner’s engineer services to countries that have decided, or are considering to launch a nuclear program. NucAdvisor provides advice and support to clients during phases 1 and 2 of the IAEA Milestones process*. These services are carried out in full compliance with international nuclear rules and IAEA requirements.

Once the technology has been chosen, NucAdvisor can provide owner's representative services during the construction (Phase 3 of the AIEA Milestones Process) of a Nuclear Power Plant, a Research Center or any other nuclear infrastructure.

NucAdvisor works in close relationship with the forty nuclear countries. This provides NucAdvisor with an important understanding and feedback on the challenges and difficulties faced by these countries in setting up their nuclear programs.


* An assessment by NucAdvisor on IAEA Milestone approach can be consultated here [Link]

Jordan Research & Training Reactor Construction (Jordan)



Flamanville EPR Construction (France)

"Supporting Nuclear Industry"


NucAdvisor provides high level expertise and advice related to new projects, feasibility studies, market analysis, economic and financial support, technical assessment and audits. This expertise is provided to industrial companies, manufacturers of nuclear equipment and nuclear services companies.

NucAdvisor's Experts competencies allow them to support clients on either technical (Technical assistance on Nuclear Technology Development), financial (Cost Studies, Industrial merger & acquisition assistance, Due Diligence Studies...) and strategic matters (Strategic Advisory Services in business development). In addition to these consultancy services, it can provide Owner's Engineer Services for industrial groups, in new build or Decommissioning and Dismantling (D&D) projects.

NucAdvisor has many partnerships in D&D throughout Europe (Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain...), and believes that D&D has become a very fragmented industry, thus making the costs of such operations quite high. NucAdvisor has developed a specific business line to improve the cost management of D&D activities, helping the Nuclear Industry to define the optimal scenario.

Finally, NucAdvisor can support the licensing of Nuclear Technologies by Worldwide Safety Authorities.