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Large industrial projects have many challenges. In addition to ensuring that the project is on schedule and within budget, the project sponsor (owner) also needs to be sure that the entirety of the project is under control, and that specific technologies are mastered, as well as risks to financing are minimised. The Owner's Engineer role therefore plays a significant role in augmenting clients' available resources and expertise.

Building on NucAdvisor's global experience allows us to offer clients a range of solutions from taking a supporting role on specific project issues or to take the lead as a full turn-key solution, our scope of OE services includes (but is not limited to):

  • Client representative for large-scale projects
  • Turnkey Project management support services
  • Procurement management
  • Expediting, monitoring and supervision
  • Commissioning, testing and handover
  • Subcontractor selection assistance, vendor auditing
  • Contract strategy and oversight
  • Procurement specification writing and Tender analysis assistance
  • Regulatory interface
  • Project organization and staffing
  • Allotment of contracts and tendering
  • Developing win-win contractual frameworks for all Parties


Alain Vallée is currently the Project Director for our new-construction project in Jordan, and with a life-time in nuclear research and development he is our Partner-Expert leading the Owners Engineer support to clients.

Applicable Reference : Owner Representative Consultancy Services for the Jordan Research and Training Reactor


The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan empowered Jordan Atomic Energy Commission to lead the national nuclear effort to explore, manage and implement the Kingdom's nuclear energy program.

The program includes the development of its national infrastructure, human resource development, therefore, and as a first step towards establishing a nuclear power program in Jordan, JAEC has decided to construct a Nuclear Research and Training Reactor, to be established at the Jordan University for Science and Technology (JUST) in Irbid/ Ramtha, 67 km north of Amman, to serve as an integral part of the nuclear technology infrastructure.

The JRTR will become the focal point for a Nuclear Science and Technology Centre (NSTC) that is intended to play the primary role in educating the upcoming generations of nuclear engineers and scientists in Jordan, and provide irradiation services in support of the Jordanian industrial, agricultural and health/medical infrastructure.

In September 2012 Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) signed a contract with NucAdvisor and its consortium as Owners Engineer to assist JAEC in the oversight of the Contractor activities at site including procurement, construction, installation, testing, receiving equipment and commissioning. NucAdvisor will also review and recommend to JAEC to accept the Contractor billing invoices to ensure alignment of activities accomplishment with payment.

On the 1st June 2014, a 50% overall progress was achieved in the contract, with JAEC being satisfied with NucAdvisor's delivery to-date. The project is due to be completed in June 2016.