Nuclear Technology


NucAdvisor Competencies



NucAdvisor experts can support projects related to every facet of the Nuclear Industry Technologies: from Commercial Power Reactors (PWR, BWR etc), Research Reactors, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste treatment and storage. Thus, we can provide expertise during the design of these installations, construction, operation and dismantling.

  • Strategic and technical consultancy support to operators of Commercial power reactors of all design types,
  • Expertise in developing and managing Nuclear Research¬† programs and facilities,
  • Nuclear fuel cycle, from new fuel, reactor operation, fuel discharge /transport, and reprocessing/storage.
  • Independent advice to Governments and key stakeholders on adopting new nuclear technologies,
  • Technology assessment and recommendation,
  • Assess risks related to specific nuclear technologies,
  • Life extension.


With more than 30 years at the cutting edge of nuclear engineering, our Partner-Expert Christian Hillrichs is best placed to support NucAdvisor clients across the nuclear technology spectrum. Christian is an engineer by education, joined Siemens firstly in charge of the 'Repair and Replacement Unit'; then in charge of the Marketing and Sales part of the company. Latterly, he joined AREVA as the Head of Services in Germany.

His successive responsibilities have been Technical Managing Director while he was still at the head of the Services Business sector, then Head of Services, maintenance and upgrades business unit.