Decommissioning and Waste Management


NucAdvisor Competencies

The optimisation of a nuclear decommissioning strategy (and later its implementation), cannot be considered in isolation from the management of the associated Radioactive Waste issues. Similarly, the chosen waste management strategy must also take into account the associated decommissioning requirements. Furthermore, consideration of decommissioning waste management should include both the existing infrastructures (for waste), as well as the expected arising of ongoing operational wastes.

NucAdvisor is able to help our clients meet the challenges in the growing international D&D/RAW sectors, by applying our knowledge of Best International Practice, together with a pragmatic application of cost-effective solutions. We offer clients the following services:

  • Definition / Implementation of D&D Strategy,
  • Detailed decommissioning planning,
  • Transition of facilities from Operation to decommissioning,
  • D&D Risk assessment,
  • Pre-decommissioning RAW survey,
  • Licensing for D&D,
  • Analysis and optimisation of D&D waste streams,
  • Radioactive Waste treatment and storage solutions,
  • NORM expertise.


Moreover, considering our in-house skills and expertise NucAdvisor can act as Owner's Engineer throughout the course of a D&D project, in particular during:

  • Preparation of the application documents for decommissioning license,
  • Developing the D&D project contracting,
  • Implementation of the D&D operations,
  • Management of RadWaste Operations.


Our D&D/waste business is led by Ms Rosemarie Atabek, a recognised expert in industrial treatment processes, encapsulation and disposal of radioactive wastes. She has a working knowledge of nuclear fuel behaviour under irradiation, as well as construction of new facilities for nuclear waste management and delivery of training activities on Decommissioning and Waste Management topics.

Applicable References
CEA Decommissioning Technology Strategy

A new program was initiated by the French CEA Decontamination and Dismantling Division in 2013/4; with the objective to optimize the use of technologies from CEA R&D. The ultimate goal being for CEA to profit from their investment already done in R&D, help industry to develop international activities using CEA technologies and export expertise when possible. The technologies covers several domains:

  • Estimation of the radiological situation of facilities and soils before/after decontamination, and decommissioning activities,
  • Safe and economic execution of operation in contaminated areas, and associated decontamination activities,
  • Waste characterization and optimization of waste treatment, both at an optimal cost.


NucAdvisor was contracted to perform a synthesis of all the applicable technologies available inside CEA, and selected a number of key technologies on which an in-depth needs evaluation was done, the results of which formulated the CEA international strategy.

NucAdvisor obtained the CAEAR D4-2 accreditation in February 2015, allowing us to support CEA for its future major D&D projects on CEA Sites.

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