Human Resources and Industrilal Development


NucAdvisor Competencies



On the road to nuclear energy, a country needs to build and secure an appropriate skills environment to ensure a safe and efficient implementation of its nuclear program. In order to nurture the required human resources and have all competences available, implementing the necessary educational structures is a key point for the success of any new or established nuclear program.

An efficient collaboration also implies a knowledge transfer; NucAdvisor can manage training programs, or human/industrial resources development to ensure a long term viability of these projects.

The typical tasks that can be achieved for our clients with our expert input include the following:

  • Nuclear Training & Education development and implementation,
  • Localization of nuclear competencies,
  • Assessment of the current and potential capabilities of human capital in the country,
  • Assessment of level and adequacy of the country system for skills certification,
  • Comparison with Nuclear countries systems and gap analysis,
  • Collection of information on international training programs,
  • Developing a Nuclear Power Human Capital Development Roadmap,
  • Organization and implementation of training programs (NPP Project team, executives, etc.),
  • Interim Executive placement.


The NucAdvisor Partner-Expert leading the HR Development sector is Mr Paul Felten.

Paul held high level position within the International division of CEA. He joined Framatome (currently AREVA NP) and was responsible for the group activity in China from 1995 to 2002. He became later Senior Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing of AREVA NP.

Applicable Reference : Owner Representative Consultancy Services for the Jordan Research and Training Reactor


As part of our Owners Engineer project on Jordan, one of our major goals is to organize the work process, in such a way to transfer knowledge and knowhow from our project experts to the JAEC staff.