NucAdvisor can rely on our huge Nuclear network:
Partner Experts
, all shareholders of the company, and more than 150 international experts and specialists worldwide.

One of NucAdvisor strengths lies in its broad network of Experts, which assemble various profiles from all the disciplines and entities in the Nuclear World. First through our Partner Experts: who are all shareholders of the company, and work on an exclusive basis with NucAdvisor. Before joining the company, each of them spent at least 30 years in the International Nuclear Industry, working for Safety Authorities, Utilities and Nuclear Vendors.

In addition to these Partner Experts, NucAdvisor can rely on its international networks of more than 150 senior level experts and specialists who can be mobilized in several domains to the benefit of our clients.

About our Partner Experts

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  • Alain VALLEE - Chairman
    Alain Vallée has been Senior Vice-President, in charge of Technologies, inside Framatome and AREVA-NP; he has been also Head of Nuclear Activities in the CEA R&D Saclay Center. Originally specialized in Core Physics, he was involved in the design of the French Nuclear reactors (1300 MWe & 1450 MWe series and was project director of the EPR). He has large experience in providing support to countries aiming at developing a nuclear program and teaches nuclear engineering in training sessions.
  • Alain BUGAT - Vice-Chairman
    Alain Bugat was Chairman and CEO of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) from 2003 to 2009. After beginning as a research engineer, he has successively occupied different executive positions in the Ministry of Industry, a software firm and CEA. From 1999 to 2003, he was Chairman and CEO of Technicatome, the French engineering company dedicated to designing and building nuclear propulsion reactors and research facilities. In 2015, Alain is President of the French Academy of Technology.
  • Rosemarie ATABEK
    Rosemarie Atabek is an expert in industrial treatment processes, encapsulation and disposal of radioactive wastes. She has a working knowledge of nuclear fuel behavior under irradiation and is an expert in the construction of new facilities for nuclear waste management. She managed research projects dealing with waste treatment, strategy of patent valorization and innovation. She also performs training activities on Radioactive Waste Management.
  • Jean-Yves BEON
    Jean-Yves Béon began his career in 1974 as project engineer, he successively held operational and managerial positions in Technicatome's staff (now AREVA TA), as project manager and as executive officer. From 2002 to 2006 he was deputy CEO of AREVA TA, the French engineering company dedicated to designing and building nuclear propulsion reactors and research facilities.
  • Paul FELTEN
    Paul Felten has been Senior Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing of AREVA. Engineer by education, he held high level position within the International division of CEA and joined Framatome (currently AREVA NP) and was responsible for the group activity in China from 1995 to 2002.
  • Jean-Philippe GIRARD
    Jean-Philippe Girard has been involved in Research and Development, start-up of NPP and has been operator of a prototype reactor. In his latest activities, he took part in new builds such as the fusion project ITER, the United Arab Emirates 4NPP project and the JRTR, a research reactor under construction in Jordan. His expertise is Safety in all stages of nuclear projects: design, construction and operation.
  • Christian HILLRICHS
    Christian Hillrichs joined Siemens first in charge of the repair and replacement unit; then in charge of the marketing and sales part of the company. After this, he joined AREVA at the head of services in Germany. His successive responsibilities have been Technical Managing Director while he was still at the head of the Services business sector, then Head of Services, maintenance and upgrades business unit.
  • Alexandre MAILLARD
    Alexandre Maillard spent 20 years of his carrier inside AREVA Group, at high level positions; he was the Industrial Chemistry Director of a Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plant for AREVA (Pierrelatte), then Director of Contract Service Unit in the Primary Circuit Component Factory for Nuclear Power Plant (Chalon/Saint Marcel), where he managed the supply of equipment for worldwide projects.
  • Jean-Marie POIMBOEUF
    Jean-Marie Poimboeuf was chairman and CEO of the DCNS Company from 2000 to January 2009. With a turnover of 3 Billion USD and 12,000 engineers and technicians, DCNS is dedicated to the development, the construction and the maintenance of complex naval Defense programs such as nuclear and conventional submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers, and frigates.
  • Roger SEBAN
    Roger SEBAN occupied several positions inside Electricité de France (EDF) for 40 years in France and China. He left EDF in 2015, while being Senior Vice President for R&D, as Program Director in charge of "New nuclear reactors", including Generation 4 and SMR. His extensive experience includes nuclear design and engineering, construction and commissioning of Nuclear Power Plants Projects, Heavy Maintenance programs and major modifications programs for existing Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Dominique VIGNON
    Dominique Vignon has devoted most of his career to the planning, design and construction of Nuclear Power Plants. Inside the French Utility, EDF, he led the unit in charge of the Basic Design of the French nuclear fleet and was involved, as Technical Director of the French-German team, in the design of the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR). He had technical and management positions in several projects abroad. He was the Chairman and CEO of Framatome (now AREVA) from 1996 to 2002.