NucAdvisor pursues its commitment to act as a leader of Nuclear Research Reactors with future consulting services for PALLAS multi-purpose reactor [Published on 2015-05-20]

  • PALLAS is a nuclear multi-­‐purpose reactor designed to produce medical isotopes and supply a wide range of irradiation services. Located in Petten, the PALLAS-­‐reactor is to replace the current High Flux Reactor, which has been in operation for over fifty years. The design, construction and commissioning of the PALLAS-­‐reactor will take about a decade. Under the terms of the PALLAS contract, signed on May 11th in Alkmaar (The Netherlands), Tractebel Engineering and NucAdvisor will join an integrated project team for a period of approximately ten years to provide an intelligent customer capability in their role as Owner's Engineer. PALLAS selected the Tractebel Engineering / NucAdvisor team in a competitive process between five pre-­‐qualified international organizations. NucAdvisor Chief Executive Ian Jamieson declared "It is a privilege to be part of such a strategic nuclear project as PALLAS, and to work alongside one of the world's leading engineering companies. NucAdvisor is looking forward to delivering our expertise in research facilities and return of experience of our other current projects such as the JRTR (Jordan Research and Training Reactor)."
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