NucAdvisor sponsors the ICoNETS and SENTEN conferences
[Published on 30-11-2015]

  • Indonesia has very ambitious electricity development plans: going from the approximately 50GWe of current capacity to 85 GWe by 2020 and up to150 GWe by 2025. To meet these goals, the scientific community of the country agrees that nuclear power must be part of the solution. Studies and discussions on the question of deploying nuclear power in the country have been carried for the last 30 years, however such an ambition still lacks a clear political decision. The country’s white book is expected to be published soon, but it is yet unclear when the policy makers will give the go-ahead for nuclear power. Even though a decision has not been taken regarding nuclear power, Indonesia does operate research reactors and is now in the initial phases of deploying a 10 MWe high temperature gas cooled experimental reactor (HTGR) as well as investigating the Flexible SMR concept.

    On the 14th and 15th of November, NucAdvisor took part to the first edition of the ICoNETS conference (International Conference on Nuclear Energy Technologies and Sciences) and second Edition of the SENTEN (National Seminar on Nuclear Energy Technology) conference, organised by the Indonesian National Atomic Energy Agency - BATAN in Denpesar (Bali, Indonesia).

    NucAdvisor supported the conference as a sponsor and delivered a keynote presentation on an innovative and progressive approach to nuclear power deployment in a newcomer country based on the synergies that can be found between innovative submerged SMRs and Large Reactors. 


  • Representatives from nuclear vendors (Westinghouse, Rosatom), global players (DCNS, Engie), from the Indonesian nuclear field (BATAN, BAPETEN) and from Indonesian Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education and Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources, as well as IAEA representatives attended the conference.
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